Mentoring & Coaching

Up until now professional qualification was enough, but in contemporary times, besides having a superb degree one also needs to have an extraordinary personality and the right attitude. Some people are born with the communication and leadership grace and charm required to make that killing success, while some others have to acquire it! And those who refuse to wake-up to the call of the hour are sadly jolted out of their reverie when sudden need arises.

Let’s say for example a chance meeting with a foreign delegate or a business trip to a foreign land! In both cases if you are already equipped with the best communication skills or the right table manners all you have to do is pack your bags. However, in case you have been slumbering so far, you will either have to goof up or take a quick refresher course.

How do we Mentor and Coach

Influenz Training Systems offers One to one Coaching & Mentoring and Soft Skilling for Individual , Professionals and Home Makers who feel the urgent need to make a change for the better

We analyse your unique need and coach you through various personality based interventions which help you acquire the finesse, confidence & skill to meet the challenges of Society and culture, Office behavioural issues and Globalisation of the business environment. Our mentoring programs will enable you to scale new heights of confidence and contribute more to your company’s bottom line. We help you create a new assets out of your own personality

This is done for a marked change in attitude towards self and their environment; be it personal or professional. These could be to prepare you for a new job or an interview or even for an internal assessment or appraisal or for any major change in life. Or maybe simply to stand out in a crowd.

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