“We agreed, Sire…”

“You are now the VP Sales from now on”… Sweet words, something I always wanted to hear first handed, in a secluded place by my boss .. lets call him the MAN…with a glass of wine and a pack of smokes. And I hear it without the wine and the smokes. It was a dream. But we had an agreement… I had to list out the activities I had to do and also those which he had to complete for me to take the 10x Sales challenge… Haah! Easy peasy!!!

So the lists were completed and exchanged and modified and finally…Agreed upon!

I set out with a vengence to get my list completed as my list of to-dos was larger and longer than his. What is and what is night but just the colour of the sky! Heart pumping, mind buzzing and mouth screaming for all those who came in my way.

50, 60, 70…100% of my to do list complete!!! and I raced to the MAN’s office and checked up on him… Sire I have completed my tasks and only those remain which are pending action from you… “You mean to say, that I am not supporting you…” Dangerous thought!.. “No No Sire.. but it would help if you completed at least 1 task by the end of the week.. no no err month…”

“Ok I will see what I can do..”

Long story short… end of year, achievement 5x of target, admonished for non achievement…, no bonus, low rise in pay… “We agreed..” the MAN boomed.. Yes Sire…We agreed…”

Do put in your comments if you liked this post to an extent experienced something similar…

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