Life After 45… Part 2

This series is for all those corporate citizens who are all achievers in their careers but have been told that they are unemployable… They are 45+.. And for those who think that they will never be 45..


In the early part of my “organised” corporate career, I had joined a an “exciting, new” life insurance company.

The entre team of new sales managers were very excited about learning new tricks. There were a few guys like me who were 30+ in age and it was certainly a very exciting time for us to be there with younger people and dynamic bosses.

Our trainings began… done by both Indian and foreign trainers; perks of being new joinees, first joinees, “founder team members” etc.

The first thing which struck me was to plan for working life with taking adequate life insurance; depending on age, affordability, risk to be covered blah blah!

One thing that stuck to me was that in all the downloads and reiterations we got was to calculate our saving taking into account our current savings, disposable income etc till the age of 60.. a working life of 37 years

Really! Cut to the new realities..bro!

  1. Graduation age 21
  2. MBA age 23
  3. First job age 23
  4. First promotion age 25 (?)
  5. First jump age 25
  6. First managerial assignment age 27
  7. First branch age 28
  8. First territorial assignment age 30
  9. Signs of stagnation age 31-35
  10. 2 more Change overs till age 35
  11. More stagnation till age 38
  12. First threat of job loss age 39
  13. First “unfortunately let go” age 40
  14. Next job after 6 months with a lot of heart burns
  15. Next “Unfortunately we are downsizing” age 45

Then the struggle..

  • Job portals
  • Friends (duh)
  • Ex bosses (double duh)

Shouldnt we be taking insurance while planning in job period to be from 23 – 45 years for a period upto age 75?

So basically 22 years of working life for 30 years of survival post it!

Please comment if you find this……Pessimistic, Optimistic, Balanced!!!

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