Never easy to fire an old resource

A decision had to be taken so I made my to do list of the process I would follow. 

  1. Counsel the reportee
  2. Come to an agreement on the methodology of reaching the target
  3. Monitor achievement 
  4. Involve my boss in the process 
  5. Involve HR in the process
  6. Go back to point 1

Response from reportee on the above points

  1. Am doing the best i can
  2. There is no better way to do this
  3. Am doing the best I can
  4. Why is he asking me questions 
  5. I am the best guy for the job and I can prove it

I had already resigned myself to my fate when my boss called me..  he was livid! And he started like this.. 

“…. If you cant manage your people, then I will get someone else to manage them…” oh! My… 

So, I started again… From point 1

  1. Listen buddy.. You are in real danger of losing your job if the said targets are not in place.. Your counterparts are at 90% so whats your problem
  2. Now I would be happy if you could  take your  achievements to 75- 80%.. this quarter.. Then we will push for next quarter.. Ok! 
  3. You can do it.. I will travel with you and meet your touch points for this month 
  4. Made a complete PIP plan and mailed it with copy to boss.. 
  5. … And HR

    Reaponse from reportee… Applied for 15 day leave

    Response from Boss… “Kill him”

    What should be my course of action… Anybody! 

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