“I am sorry but you are fired” 

If you were recently fired, laid off, or left a job on bad terms, it doesn’t have to have negative effects on the rest of your career.

People often say that in relationships no four words are worse to hear than, “We need to talk.” At work, the same rules apply. Is there any worse feeling than being somberly called into your manager’s office without warning?

Getting fired is never a good feeling, and the moments right after it happens, it can be incredibly difficult to know what to do next.

And unfortunately, not unlike the end of a relationship, getting let go from a job can mean hurt feelings, fights, and lots of uncomfortable change.

There is a lot to handle when you get let go from a job, both internally and externally. And – even though it’s challenging – handling it right is really important. How you react to the news and make your exit from a company can have a much bigger impact on your future than you might think.

Despite being fired, this job and the relationships you’ve built here will not just disappear after you walk out of the building. They will follow you into future jobs and will most likely resurface throughout your career.

How are you handling this will determine the future course of action of your career

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